A Breast Revelation!!

34DD Breasts! With 83% less BOUNCE !!


Hands up who has NEVER had a proper bra fitting!!??? 

Me! Me! Me!

I’ve always just kind of guessed..and it’s been OK.

In a 38B (for donkeys years) with breasts that have sagged to resemble Spaniel’s ears after having 3 kids and also don’t look so great since I’ve lost 32KG of fat (and a lot of boobage) it was time to get smaller underwear.

Again, instead of getting fitted (if I’m honest about that…I live in Dubai and I have never had a good experience with underwear sales assistants or bra fitters here) I “guessed”  – buying a few 34B and 34C in Marks & Sparks and Next. And a few sports bras. Pretty, functional and OK priced (although it is nearly double what I would pay in the UK!! But I try not to convert all the time to pounds or I’d never buy anything!!). And of course – I didn’t try them on in store as I was in my usual “rush” with at least one of my children in tow.

Well. Not only did I have double boobage on each side and had to push my breast into the little cups….I just didn’t feel comfy. And didn’t look right.

So I decided to sort out my cleavage once and for all with a “proper” bra fitting. (I mean – the boob job is still a long way off and I really need to make the most of my new silhouette….and stop the “bounce” when I’m running. Even though I regard myself as having pretty small boobs, they still get in the way and at least 10 days a month are really painful (it’s hormonal!!)).

Now I’ve heard of TKD lingerie (The Knicker Drawers – what a cool name right!!) – but I thought they were specialist for women with big breasts. Something I’m not going to achieve unless I have my boob job or use “chicken fillets” for padding. Anyway…as one of the few lingerie boutiques I was aware of I thought I’d take a look.

TKD lingerie have a fab store in Town Centre Mall in Jumeirah and I was welcomed by friendly store assistants, keen to help me. They stock bras from a cup size B – K, specialising in D-K cups but with sport and maternity ranges in a B cup too – so I knew there would be something to fit me. I selected a few styles I liked, including their Panache Sports Bra and headed for the fitting room.  Measuring didn’t take the form of a measuring tape at all! These ladies…so experienced in cleavage…asked what size bra I was currently wearing, eyeballed my torso and immediately knew what size to get. Kate, the owner of TKD lingerie, explained to me the process of bra fitting – the importance of the fit around the back, the strap position, getting your breasts into the cup to have no “overspill” or side breasts popping out and the importance of the underwire being on your ribs and not cutting into your boobs.

So I put on the bra, let Kate adjust the straps. Leaned forward to do the “jiggle” Kate explained to get my breasts in place and looked in the mirror at my newly pert, definitely bigger and much nicer shaped boobs.

“So what size is this?” I asked…expecting her to tell me it as a 34B – just a more expensive brand so it fitted better!!!

“Thats a 34DD!!” said Kate…

I’m not kidding you. I could have fist pumped the air and done a little jig. Spaniel breasts had graduated to a lovely 34 DD – just with a proper bra fitting…no surgery required.

And I have to say they looked ace!

So – the new me! The me with knockers!!! This woman proceeded to try on most of the lingerie in the shop, including the sports bras, the cup sized bikini’s and swimsuits! And I couldn’t get over how good my breasts looked and how comfortable all the bras felt.

With the Panache Sports bra I specifically wanted to jump up and down to experience if there was any “bounce”. And I tell you what….they did not move.  Those babies were well and truly supported…and the best thing was…the sports bra was soooo comfortable.  It’s been tested at the Sports Department in Loughborough University in the UK and with an endorsement from the British Olympic team it’s no surprise that the bra just felt incredible.

All kitted out with new lingerie (with matching knickers of course!), a great fitting sports bra (285 AED) and a new bikini (which I’m planning to wear when I have my first Stand Up Paddleboarding lesson because I know my boobs will definitely NOT be falling out even when I’m falling off !!! It also did not break the bank as I had originally thought!! Prices were very similar, if not better, than high street brands – and the quality and service were worth so much more.

Can’t wait to get to the gym now to test out my new  Sports Bra…..

And if you put your hand up at the beginning and have either never had a bra fitting – or not had one for a very long time….I suggest you get yourself down to TKD Lingerie for a whole new breast revelation!

Love from me and my new knockers!



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